Z.N.Trading (Singapore) Pte Ltd has been established in 1995 as a private limited company to promote and link all sort of trade between Singapore and rest of the world with primary interest in industrial, financial, transportation, automobile, sugar Mill, Edible Oil Mill, Lubricating Blending and Filling Plants and trading activities.

Since our establishment in the year 1995, ZN have made a significant growth and have constantly redefined and mastered the core competencies through innovation and hard work. ZN is successfully working as a catalyst between manufacturers and prospective customers in the global market.

ZN covers the need of many clients in a number of countries in a very versatile and professional way. The clients requirements are analysed and dealt of team of highly professional experts.

Over the years ZN have learned that although our customers’ needs are similar, no two customers approach their business in exactly the same way. We pride ourselves in the ability to support our customers’ differences by treating each as an individual. It is our belief that a good business reputation does not spring up overnight, but grows slowly and soundly because it is rooted in the solid ground of customer satisfaction.

Why Singapore ?

Strategically located at the cross roads of international trade routes, Singapore had gained fast recognition as a major hub for global trade, and has become Asian Finance centre.
Singapore also a trading house for the regions wealth, her financial centres also home to the world’s major banks, financial institutions, discount houses and international monetary organisations, with sophisticated telecommunication facilities, linking the world to Singapore’s browses and board rooms.

Free trade policies, minimum restrictions, minimum import & export formalities, political & economic stability and extreemly conductive business environment helps ZN to chose Singapore as its centre of activities

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